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Pilates Freedom – Turn your passion for Pilates into a lucrative career!

The 22-week group training program will ignite your journey to becoming a
Pilates Instructor that has a lucrative business transforming students’ bodies.  

Are you looking to find a more fulfilling job?

Is this you?

What you’re doing during the day is leaving you feeling stuck, trapped, unfulfilled, frustrated, or bored.

Maybe you’ve done all the things – the 9-5 job, the house, the car,  insurance, 401k,  job security…

But at the end of the day, you don’t feel satisfied? 

Are you ready to….

      • Make money from the comfort of your home
      • Have job offers & studios lining up to work with you
      • Confidence to plan & teach a Pilates class
      • Know you’re helping the person you’re working with while you grow and enjoy it
      • Start and grow a lucrative business from anywhere in the world
      • Help others transform their bodies while transforming your own 
      • Gain the confidence to work with virtually anybody
      • Have FUN with your life! 

Imagine instead….

    • Waking up excited to get to work!
    • Getting in the best shape of your life and helping others do the same 
    • Finding joy in life every day  
    • Creating skills for a long, lucrative career 
    • Choosing when you are going to work or not

Turn your passion into a lucrative career!

Everything you need to blossom into an amazing Pilates Instructor.
You too can have a job you LOVE where you can help other people!

Pilates Mat

You’ll learn all the classical Mat Pilates as well as contemporary variations.  And you’ll know when to use each!


This clientele needs special programing and we’ll give you all the tools to be successful working with them!


Classical and contemporary Reformer along with the understanding of when and why to modify and vary the exercises – you’ll even get to create your own exercises!


During this special time, moms need to take care of themselves and you’ll have 7-time mom, Katrina, to make sure you are confident!


Join our Pilates family!  You’ll have forever access to our forum to ask questions and connect with other instructors – you will NEVER be alone!

Small equipment

You’ll learn how to effectively layer props in order to make exercises easier AND harder – small balls, foam rollers, bands, magic circles, and pinkie balls.  

Teaching skills

You’ll know more than just how to “get through” – you’ll know what to say when and WHY – and your retention rates will go through the ceiling!


The body will come to life as we discuss it all within the context of the exercises.  You’ll have the opportunity to build the muscles out of clay onto a skeleton too!

Hear what our students say...

I Totally Get It!

You’re a smart girl and you hate being trapped behind a desk.  You know you are not satisfied with your current situation but aren’t sure what to do about it.  

You’ve been in this rut for a while now and are ready for something different.  

You want to help people but you want to have control over your schedule.  And let’s be honest, you’d like to make some money in the process too.  

See, most people don’t know that teaching Pilates allows you the schedule freedom, money freedom, and life freedom you’re looking for.

And I have to say, there are a lot of Pilates teacher training companies out there nowadays, but this program is completely different than any other. 

I’ve spent over 22 years training thousands of instructors and in this innovative course, I’ve worked out all the kinks where students have problems.  

I currently live in rural Idaho and train clients and students online as well as own a studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

This is my happy place and I’m excited for you to find your own best life teaching Pilates! 

Now it’s time for me to teach YOU how to do the same thing because I truly believe you’ve got the potential.


This training is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to be the best you can be
  • Are intrigued by the body and how it works
  • Enjoy being around other people
  • Want to have variety in your life
  • Enjoy movement
  • Are a bit of a perfectionist
  • Love helping others
  • Enjoy putting the pieces together and solving problems
  • Don’t believe in doing things part-way
  • Enjoy learning new information
  • Want to enjoy your life and not be a slave to your job
  • Are ready for a new challenge


Frequent Concerns & Questions

When you're interested in Pilates teacher training you should ask LOTS of questions to fully understand the process and end result you will be getting

This program utilizes the Balanced Body curriculum which is the industry gold standard and exceeds all the NPCP standards and requirements.

We also enjoy the best manuals and streaming videos in the industry.

We have seen this be a huge blocking factor.  Our program is 100% online which means that you don’t need to be near a local training studio or travel extensively in order to get a top-notch education!

Most training programs do their training in a series of weekend modules which we have found overwhelming and hard to schedule.  

Instead, we have bite sized pieces so that you can fully absorb the material and integrate the training into your daily life.  

You will be able to do our whole program out of the comfort of your home!  If you don’t have the small equipment and Reformer, we have an option to include these in your training bundle.  We’re happy to walk you through this decision.  

For Pilates certification, there are a certain number of observation, personal session, and teaching hours that you have to complete.  With many programs, the personal sessions can add up to costing as much as the training modules!  

When you complete our program, you’ll have these finished and just need 100 teaching hours which you can do as part of your first job, meaning you can earn money while finishing up.

Most studios do not require a certification in order to teach which is often because they are so desperate for instructors.

What they really care about is that you have the skills to take good care of their clients.  In this program, we are not only going to teach you the exercises but also make sure that you are skilled at teaching them so you will be invaluable to any studio!

You will be able to go anywhere in the world and be welcomed with a Balanced Body certification.  This is not just a local studio training which may not be recognized in other locations. 


The more Pilates you have done (mat and Reformer particularly), the better as it will make your classwork easier.  

You will actually have multiple Pilates teacher trainers to give you feedback on your progress and teaching, answer your questions, and mentor you.  Our program actually gives you 70% of your hours live with the teacher trainers  which is more than the in-person programs.  You are not left on your own to get your hours done with no feedback.

You will also have access to our online forums where our students interact with each other and with the teacher trainers.  Even if you are not physically near each other, you will have a tribe that is continually developing your Pilates skills together.

When you are in the program you will be working with other students primarily.  Yes, we encourage you to work with your friends and family for the rest of your hours – that is if you don’t already have a job!

The best part is that we’ll give you all the tricks and tips to getting a job or starting your own business.  You will not be left without any clients!

There are many possibilities!  
We coach students to choose the right format for them right from the beginning.  Many students choose to work for established businesses while others choose to be their own boss.  The choice is yours!

The four basic formats are 1) traditional studio  2) group class studio 3) home studio and 4) online studio.  Within these four options are lots of combinations and options to find the perfect fit for everyone.

You can learn more in our free eBook

Think of your training as going to college – because it will open up doors based on real skills you develop so that you can grow personally, help others, and enjoy a lucrative career!

What career is there that you don’t have to go to college for and after 5 years earn over $100k in bigger cities?  

No, we can help you with funding options.  Connect with us and we can figure out a good fit for you!

Additional Bonus!

1 year Pilates Together membership

Ongoing Q&A, new choreography, teaching tips, guest lectures, and connecting with your fellow instructors –
You will never be alone!


Build Your Business

We’re excited to help you grow a strong Pilates business! 
We’re going to give you access to the top business experts so that your business is strong and you are confident!
This is not included in any Pilates training program and is easily worth as much as the program itself, but we are committed to helping you succeed so we’re giving it to you for FREE!

Our Results

Master Instructors

Multiple teacher trainers means hearing different ways to cue, more Q&A opportunities, and more mentors.

Pilates Instructors Trained
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Since 2001, we have trained Pilates instructors all over the world in our comprehensive foundational training, online courses, continuing education workshops, Pilates conferences, and more.

Exercises You'll Learn
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This program includes pre-Pilates exercises, mat exercises, small prop exercises, and Reformer exercises.

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